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"To Be Strong-Willed Children"  Our school is working on practical nursing and English education in order to cultivate children who can accept and have a positive sense of themselves.  We focus on each child and support them so that your child can create their own future and can fulfill their responsibilities as a good member of society.  Sun Valley was established in 1999, since then, we have produced many talented children.

1.Our school is a place surrounded b y a natural bamboo forest and its playground is created using nature itself.
2.All teachers are in chrge of all children, which is a team-teaching method.
3.English is our main language at Sun Valley.  However, the Japanese language is important for the children as well.  Therefore, we also emphasis on teaching Japanese for  them to be able to speak proper Japanese.
4.We provide free time that children can think and behave by themselves.  That aims to bring up their independence, self-awareness, and recognize to avoid danger.
5."I want to know!" " I want to do!" "Learning is fun!"  Our happy and exciting school life foster the motivation of children.
6.   We value differences in each child and try to find a suitable way to take advantage of it without being afraid of the differences.
7.   We make an effort to improve and balance children's minds.
8.   We make it important to build relationship of mutual trust with parents.  Our slogan is "Parents-teachers come together to join hands in order to support, nurture, and love children."

Sun Valley International School PV

The School building in this picture is now replaced with a new one.  But the school building and the feild are wider and bigger.


We have some interviews with the parents about Sun Valley International School.

One Year Schedule

Annual Events 

Entrance Ceremony


Mother's day,  Field trip


Father's day,  B.B.Q. party


Star Festival,  Summer camp,  Opening of the swimming pool


Summer course


Closing of the swimming pool


Family Day


Halloween Party


Christmas Party,  4K run(3rd grader)


Graduation trip(3rd grader),  English proficiency test(3rd grader)


Bean-throwing party,  St. Valentine's Day,  Eiken Jr.


Graduation ceremony,  Spring course