As to enter our school, we would like you to participate in our "exhibition day" at least once in order to understand our principal's educational phlosophy, lesson contents, and so on.

Enrollment Procedures


Participate in our school exhibition

Please come to our school exhibition held once a month.(Reservation required)



Decide a course and register at Sun Valley International School Office.



We will give you a postal transfer form.


Class Starts

At first, we recommend students to participate for at least 4 consecutive days.

School Exhibition


July 9th(Tue)、September 10th(Tue)、September 25th(Wed) 2019

Time 10:30am - (about 2hours) 

We will have an information session for about 1 hour.  After the session, you an look around our facilities.

Things to bring

Room shoes(Slippers), Writing tools (You can bring snacks and drinks for your child.)


※Our exhibition day is a complete reservation system, and we will close it as soon as it becmes full.  In case you cancel the reservation, please be sure to contact the office.  We will call you to re-confirm your reservation on the day before school tour.